UNIT, a company dedicated to the creation of universal intelligence products, is among the eleven projects selected for Batch 5 of Startup Creasphere. The initiative, under the premise “Transforming Healthcare Together”, provides the opportunity to develop a pilot project focused on innovation for the health industry.

Currently one of the largest innovation platforms for digital health solutions, Startup Creasphere was founded two years ago in Munich by Roche and Plug and Play, both responsible for the initial growth of companies such as Google, Paypal and Dropbox. In 2019, SANOFI and Lonza joined as partners to continue expanding the scope of the call internationally.

Batch 5, of which UNIT is a part as the sole representative of Latin America, is the most recent selection of projects that will begin this process of development and acceleration under the mentorship of the founding partners Roche and Plug and Play.

One of UNIT’s greatest goals is to continue to challenge the limits of artificial intelligence applications in the industry. In line with this objective, they currently use tools such as data science, machine learning, mathematical modeling, deep learning and language recognition to develop products focused on solving the needs of people in a wide range of fields.

“For UNIT, it is essential to participate in this program to carry out scientifically and technologically validated pilot tests. These will allow us to verify the results obtained for the benefit of each patient, as well as to strengthen our business model by being associated with world-class partners ”, explains Jordaj Zuleta, Chief Design Officer for UNIT.

“We seek to establish a solid presence in low and middle-income countries, where the public health systems have similar challenges to those that we experience in Chile in terms of patient adherence and the quality of treatment itself,” the executive pointed out.


Did you know that multifactorial diseases are currently one of the main causes of death in Chile and the world? High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, rhinitis, asthma and diabetes mellitus are just some of the pathologies derived from this condition.

These health issues are produced by the combination of multiple environmental factors and mutations in several genes, generally from different chromosomes. One of their main complexity factors is that they do not follow common genetic inheritance patterns, making their diagnosis and treatment even more difficult. Even when it is possible to detect them, they are usually treated through rigid protocols, which do not always have positive results in different patients.

VOYAGER, developed by UNIT, is a product focused on improving the management of these diseases, seeking to reduce the most serious cases and save every human life possible. Its name is inspired by the space probes that have gone further in the Universe. Through artificial intelligence, the system is capable of processing data collected through voice interfaces to fully understand the state of each person’s disease and carry out predictive and automated monitoring of their treatment.

This translates into more efficient diagnoses and identification of higher risk cases, directly impacting the fatality rate of these diseases. In concrete terms, its goal is to reduce serious hospitalizations by 50% for those with diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension and even obesity. Currently, VOYAGER has applications in the pharmaceutical and clinical world, both public and private.