Universal Intelligence

We understand intelligence as one.
An intelligence that unite us all.
One Universal Intelligence.

We are a company that develops intelligence solutions.

Using AI, data science, machine learning, mathematical modeling, deep learning and language recognition tools, we develop products focused on solving the needs of people in any type of industry. We expand people’s intelligence towards universal intelligence.

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UNIT offers products that allow people to expand their knowledge to a new level.

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Focus: Predictive Maintenance
A solution that aims to increase productivity through a complete predictive maintenance program in processing plants.

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Focus: Environment
A solution to reduce the environmental impact generated by unwanted emissions from productive industries.

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Focus: Human relations
A solution that eliminates value leaks in contracts, caused by misunderstandings and claims in any type of contract.

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Focus: Process productivity
A solution that learns how a production process works and maximizes its generation of value for the company.

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Focus: Collaborative Intelligence
UNIT team available, to co-develop products tailored to the requirements and needs of people in each industry.

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Focus: Social Impact
Using the information available in the media, this products helps the company to improve the impact it has on the local community.

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In UNIT we think and act globally.The world is part of our universe.

Our products are currently operating in Chile, Australia and USA
supporting large multinational companies.

Together we challenge the limits of intelligence in every industry.

If you want to learn more about UNIT or the Universal Intelligence, let's talk.